Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hari Raya Celebration 1433H

May I post a rare question to everyone? Something that people dare not to answer..Hv u ever celebrated Hari Raya without the hassle of going back to kampung?.. Seems weird in actual sence but this was what I endured.. Celebrated Hari Raya in Putrajaya, while everyone was enjoying their hari raya fest at kampung.. I used to celebrate it those days, ever since the demise of my beloved mother in 2008, thing had changed significantly..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Had a Proton Inspira 2.0P, just delivered on 23 Dicember 2010. Seems okey in terms of power, road worthiness/holding, pick up so on and so forth. Compensate with the price reaching almost RM92k and created monthly liability more than RM1k... sounds suffer a bit but satisfaction is something subjective and priceless. Hee heeee...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blogging Again

Almost forgotten that the fact I'm having a blog.. Quite sometime, I guess almost 3 months my blog is not updated, dry of idea to express. Thinking of something else that would not fruitful in the end, going through tough life this far, obstacles, mountain of hurdles and etc. Even have no word to explain the situation. Anyway, I'm still going strong to face these consequences all the way, only the success is uncertain.

For almost a week I had been in Penang for official duty. Enjoy life in Penang, the shopping paradise, Mega sales is on. I would say, I enjoyed so much stayed in Penang. day and night went shopping. Had gone to Quensbay Mall, Gama Supermarket, KOMTAR. Had also visited a rumah Allahyarham P. Ramlee, the most famous artist, composer , director. To my surprise, I had spent more than RM1K only for the purchase of watches, which I can't stop my temptation when drop by at watch shop. My only weakness...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Honda Civic 1.8 iVTEC

Well... had tested a new Honda Civic 1.8 i VTEC.. a quite long journey heading to Felda Pasir Besar, Gemas Negeri Sembilan going through a zig zag road. Journey started from KL Seremban Highway... exit at Seremban Toll Gate and proceed to Bukit Putus strip heading to Kuala Pilah. Finally reached at Felda Pasir Besar late... Bridal had completed 'bersanding' and a number of people decreased. Not to tell u about the 'pengantin' but to reveal the Honda civic's powertrain. If I were an automobile reporter evaluating the performance of civic I would have been sceptical in certain aspect of evaluation... Why I say so..

Out of five star to stand as a benchmark... overall I would have given 3 star for road handling, 4.5 for engine performance....cabin quietness 4, fuel efficiency 4.5..I may be wrong giving judgement of the performance of civic but this is my obsolute evaluation...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan (PTK)

Government had implemented Sistem Saraan Malaysia(SSM)to replace Sistem Saraan Baru (SSB)some years back... At first, I thought this SSM would make government servants more miserable coz it requires its staff to continue learning until retire. More exam papers are set to meet this requirement and being implemented 4 times a year.
Some quarters thought this would reduce productivity since everyone concentrates in studying rather than focusing their job. But of all thoughts, I was damn wrong... thinking negative at the early stage of implementation... but it seems good in long run... To my surprise I managed to score 'lulus' in paper 'Khusus'.. whereas being pretty unfortunate to have paper 'Am' only 'Bersyarat'. 'Bersyarat' means I have to resit for the same paper during next exam sitting. What's a pity to me to face this unlucky result.. anyway life must go on!!! the only three words I have learned during gloomy moments..

After so many years of implementation only then I appreciated SSM. The only platform for certain quarters with exam oriented mind. I took the paper that I supposed to pass with courage, since it would be awarded a salary increment in a term so called 'melintang'... things that I had never dream before..Bad thing about our organisation is that the top management doesn't seem appreciate someone for things that he had contributed much to the organisation compared to others. Sad indeed to declare, been in service more than 20 years, the department didn't bother to award me 'melintang' but in return I had to struggle on my own... Thanks to Allah, SSM had helped me to have been awarded 'melintang' twice....the thing I didn't expect to happen during SSB!!!!!but eventually it paid off.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Attended a 2 day course at Institut Latihan Memperkasa UMNO (ILMU) Janda Baik, Pahang on 14 & 15 February recently...It seems a refreshement course since its course modules were meant to make us realise who are we as a single Malay living in his/her peaceful country, Malaysia. The lectures were so touchy to certain extend we the participants had tear drops... in relinquishing the fate of Malays in their own country.. One of the top lecturers, I considered the best was Prof Dato' Ramlah Adam... also a lawyer by profession, Tengku Neufal Tengku Mansur delivered such an incredible remarks...Malays have mountains of hurdle to survive. Pls make sure the only power we have at present ie political powers remain with us and our generation forever in future. Don't get blamed by our next generation if we could't defend this political power. Don't ever ever let our belonging shifts to another ethnic in future, the message was clearly disseminated to the participants.

I gave credit to the secretariats of this deserved course for sucessfully organised it and thousand of thanks to the speakers of their efforts passed the message through to the audiences especially to the young ones. Thanks so much for having this noble job..Well, u have great roles in keeping the survival of Malays. Personally I don't have neither personal interest nor personal agenda in UMNO, either committe member or holding a post at Branch/Division level... only ordinary UMNO member, but my heart and soul are more 'Malays' than those holding post in UMNO...I guess!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Table Tennis

Considered as a hardcore person in table tennis game, almost every night I have a game at Dewan Serbaguna Presint 8... Seems crazy, but obviously I enjoy it. It teaches us to become patient, focus during the entire game, findings ways and means to beat opponent and for sure fast move. Occasionally when people gets older they tend to become tired easily.. within minutes. But in my case it doesn't...maybe because I've been contineously playing this game during my earlier days.

Sometimes I wonder why young people couldn't stand playing more than 15 minutes.. what's a pity to those having this attributes. But thank to Allah for all these. I would say I could withstand playing in continueous 90 minutes without a minute rest or even more.... some quarter wonders how I maintain my stamina...its gifted from Allah.